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When it comes to customizing your Android device, you first think of downloading some launcher application like GO Launcher EX on your smartphone but you can change the look and feel of your device by just changing your phone’s wallpapers and adding a custom ringtone to your device. For that you can download the latest version of Zedge 4.5.3 APK file or install it directly on your smartphone by going to Google Play Store and with the help of the app, you can customize your device.

With Zedge app installed on your Android smartphone or tablet, you will be able to choose the best wallpaper from various categories for your smartphone. Now just wallpapers but you can even go through hundreds of thousands of ringtones which are unique as well as parts of some of your favorite tracks and set it as your device’s default ringtone. So if you want to do that you need to download Zedge 4.5.3 APK for Android which is the latest version with all the newest features.

Zedge 4.5.3 APK for Android – Features:

The Zedge app has been installed on more than 100 million devices and if offers you custom wallpapers, ringtones and even notification sounds to customize your smartphone and make it better from others. So let’s see what features you can expect from Zedge for Android application.

zedge 4.5.3 app apk for android

  • Wallpapers: Each wallpaper that you can see in the app on your device will be perfect for your smartphone. The resolution and the quality will suit best and you won’t see any problems with the wallpapers.
  • Ringtones: A variety of ringtones and notification sounds are available from Zedge app that you can download and set as your default ringtone or for individual contacts as well.
  • Categories: You will find all the wallpapers and ringtones sorted out according to the categories in which they suit best.
  • Search: You can use the search option to find some of your favorite types of wallpapers or some songs that you would like to keeps as your phone’s ringtone.
  • Other Features: You can easily set a wallpaper on your smartphone from within the application itself. And the other amazing thing is that you can add a certain wallpaper or ringtone in your favorites tab without downloading them.
  • Share: You can even share the contents from your app to your friends easily.

That’s not all as there is a widget available as well that allows you to change your wallpapers quickly or even to launch your favorite game without much delay. So you can do all these things and a lot of other things by downloading Zedge app on your Android device.

What’s New in the Update?

  • Content Category Sorting Issue Fixed.
  • Game Widget Issue fixed.
  • SDK updates available for stability improvements.

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Download Zedge 4.5.3 APK for Android

You can easily download Zedge app from Google Play Store or update it from there but if you are facing problems while doing that then you can download the APK file of the app and then install it Download Zedge 4.5.3 APK – (Google Play Store Link)

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