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After Facebook bought WhatsApp a couple of months back, many users have complained some issues with WhatsApp, which has made many users to think about and to shift to other alternatives to WhatsApp.

If you are one among them, who are interested in moving out from WhatsApp to other, similar offerings on your Android or Apple devices, then today we are here with a detailed list of some of the popular WhatsApp alternatives that might satisfy your needs.

All the alternatives to WhatsApp that are mentioned here, are free of cost to download and supports almost every major operating systems as well. You will not find any type of difficulties in using the application as the interface and the features of these alternatives are almost the same as WhatsApp so don’t worry about anything and let’s get started with this list.

whatsapp alternatives for android iphone

1. Viber:

Viber is a very popular alternative to WhatsApp, that also went on sale a few months ago. Viber was bought by a Japanese firm named “Rakuten” for a whopping £540 million. Viber supports almost every major operating systems including iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry and also has clients for desktop operating systems such as Windows and Mac.

Viber offers you to send free texts, pictures, videos, etc., across different platforms without any hassles. You can also make free phone calls to anywhere around the world, provided, the other user also has Viber installed on their device and is running.

If you wish to call users without a Viber account, then you can purchase Viber call credits to make calls to non-Viber users.

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2. Skype:

Skype is a very popular and functional alternative to WhatsApp, that is owned by Microsoft. Unlike WhatsApp, which uses your phone number to identify yourself, you can create a Skype account using your email address, or you can directly login to Skype using your Outlook account.

Using the same account, you can also login to Skype from other devices as well. As Skype is a product of Microsoft, it is deeply connected to the Windows and the Windows Phone operating system respectively.

However, Skype also has clients for other popular operating systems such as Android, iOS and Mac.

3. BBM:

Till last year, BBM was amongst the most popular instant messaging platforms, that was unique to smartphones running the Blackberry operating system. However, last year, as a part of their expanding program, Blackberry decided to open up the BBM messaging service to other popular operating systems as well, including Android and iPhone. Even though the BBM messenger is not available for the Windows Phone operating system, it is expected to make its debut soon.

4. Line:

Line is yet another popular Japanese based and one of the many WhatsApp alternatives that can act as a voice client and an instant messaging application at the same time. All common features such as Group Chats, Emotions, Stickers, Multiplayer Games etc., are also supported by the Line application.

Like the others mentioned in this list, the Line messenger also supported all major operating systems such as Windows Phone, Firefox operating system, the Android operating system, Apple’s iOS operating system and the Blackberry 10 operating system.

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Final Words:

So, which of these WhatsApp alternatives are you using currently? Is you favorite alternative to WhatsApp mentioned in this list? Please do leave your comments below and let us know if any of these app was worth downloading and replacing WhatsApp messenger or not.