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Networking solution apps have always been a good option to connect with relatives and friends anywhere, anytime. The convenience of these networking apps are not only that they are easy to use and are flexible, but they also add fun and joy to our talks, which otherwise could be boring at times.

Everyone would admit that there are no apparent shortages for such social networking applications over the web. However, since recent times, one such social networking application for mobile operating systems, WeChat has been making a lot of news.

Today, we take you through a brief review of the WeChat application and after reading this article, you might feel easy in choosing whether to use WeChat application or not.

WeChat Review: Is it Worth a Try?

WeChat has a user interface that might require some time to get used to. WeChat automatically syncs users from your smartphone’s phone book, and adds them to your WeChat contact book as well.

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To begin a chat session, you just have to click on the desired contact and start typing your message, You can also convert any chat session into a group chat as well, by adding other contacts.

You can also send voice messages to your contacts in between chat, voice messages can be up to a length of 1 minute. You can also share your current location with your contacts using WeChat, also sending videos, images and emotions are also supported as well.

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One of the biggest advantage of the WeChat application, that many other networking apps lack, is the availability of a desktop client. Yes, using the WeChat desktop client, you can send and receive messages as you do in your Smartphones. Also, you can also transfer files between your PC and your Smartphone, using the Web Chat functionality of the WeChat messenger.

WeChat also features Live Chat, which allows you to place video calls with multiple contacts, a feature similar to Hangout from Google.

Apart from these features, WeChat also features some unique features as well. Look Around, Shake to Find, Drift Bottle and QQ contacts are some of such features. Look Around helps you to find contacts based on your current location, Shake to Find allows you to shake your device and reach other people who shakes their device the same time as your’s.

Well, you can customize the privacy of the features of the WeChat application according to your needs as well. From the WeChat messenger application, navigate to Settings, under which you can find a separate tab for Privacy Settings. Under Privacy Settings, you can control who all sees your personal information and you can also prevent unknown users from finding you in WeChat messenger. Thus, even if some other users does a search based on location or by shaking their devices, you can prevent your profile from appearing in the search results.

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Download WeChat for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Phone:

If you are interested in downloading the WeChat application for your Smartphone, here are the links:

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