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Truecaller for Android allows you to search for various different unknown contacts and tell your about their complete details. The updated version of Truecaller APK has some unique new features like improved search experience and various different bug fixes. You can download these updated version of the app from Google Play Store or download Truecaller 4.48 APK file and install it on your smartphone or tablet manually.

If you are receiving frequent calls from some unknown person, all you have to do is add that number in the Truecaller app and it will search for its details in its number directory and give you all the details like the name and the location of the person the number belongs to. You can even block unwanted and spam numbers on your phone by using this call blocking application.

Truecaller 4.48 APK for Android – Features:

The app has been downloaded and actively used by over 85 million users and its directory of phone numbers is too huge so you will get the details for the number you search for at most of the times. Not only can you identify the number with Truecaller for Android but you can even block them if you like to.

truecaller 4.48 apk for android

  • Search: Install the application and create your account and then you can search for any number you want by adding the number in the search box.
  • Identify: You can easily get all the details for the number you want with the app even if that number does not exist in your phone’s contact list.
  • Block Calls: You might be getting annoyed when you get calls from phone company’s every now and then to tell you about various different deals. With Truecaller app, you can easily block them and also other spam callers.
  • Follow: You can follow a person on Twitter and even tweet directly from within the application interface.
  • Updated Phonebook: The application keeps your phonebook organized and updated by pulling the profile photos of all your contacts from various different social networks.

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What’s New in the Update?

  • You can now select Arabic as your app language.
  • Improved Search experience.

The one good thing about Truecaller for Android is that it won’t ever upload your phonebook’s contacts to its servers or other places or make it public. If you have a smartphone or tablet with Android 4.4 Kitkat, then the block SMS feature won’t work.

truecaller apk download

Download Truecaller 4.48 APK for Android

If you want to install the application on your Android device then all you need to do is go to Google Play Store from your smartphone and then search and download Truecaller app and install it.

But if you are not able to download it from the Play Store then you can download the Truecaller 4.48 APK for Android from here and then install it manually on your smartphone Download Truecaller 4.48 APK file – (Google Play Store Link)

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