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There are a lot of video chatting applications for every popular mobile operating systems out there, including Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The list of video chatting applications for these mobile operating systems include many apps, from the traditional Skype video chatting application to the most recently launched Fring app.

And here comes Tango. Yet another competitor in the video chatting app category for Android, iOS and Windows Phone respectively. Well, Tango indeed is one of the best video chatting applications out there. Even if you are using the Tango application for the first time, you will never feel alienated because of its super-easy and efficient user interface.

The Tango application is well-designed to be functional, responsive and fast. The Tango application for Android and iOS looks pretty much similar with just very few visual changes.

Features of Tango for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone:

Once you have downloaded and installed the Tango application on your smartphone, the only step that remains is to create an account to login to Tango, and once you complete the same, you are ready to place calls, anywhere, anytime.

The main user interface of the Tango application for Android consists of three different tabs, namely, contacts, invites and settings.

tango app for android iphone windows phone download

To add a contact to your Tango contact list, you can either allow the Tango application to search your phonebook for certain contacts, or else you can automatically add other Tango users to your Tango contact list. Also, there is also an alternate method to add contacts to your Tango contact list by sending out invites either via SMS/text messages or via email.

In terms of the video and audio call quality experience, Tango will not disappoint anyone. When both parties are connected to a rather powerful and strong WiFi internet connection, you will probably not face any kind of issues or distortion in the audio or video calling experience with the Tango app.

Tango has a rather unique feature, in which you can convert any voice call to a video call in between a calling session, which means, it does not require you to disconnect and then replace the call as a video call. Even though many other VoIP clients have this feature currently, Tango was one of the very first apps to include this feature.

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Unlike its competitors, Skype or Fring, Tango does not come with a set of tons of features. And neither does it connect with various social media or networking sites to make unify social media updates. With Tango installed on your smartphone, you can use it to chat with your friends just like you do with WeChat app or with Facebook Messenger.

However, Tango is more like an only VoIP calling client that can handle video as well as voice calls without much flaws or errors, provided you are connected to a strong Internet source.

tango for android iphone download

Download Tango App for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone:

If you are interested in using the Tango voice and video calling app on your smartphone running supported operating systems, then below is the link to download Tango:

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