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Subway Surfers for Android and iPhone has changed the way we define mobile games over the past few years. As smartphones today have become quite powerful, mobile games have started to look more realistic and powerful in terms of graphics, features console like gameplay and lots of fun. Even though there are many such powerful game titles available for all the smartphone platforms, we have never seen any decline in the growth of simple and interesting arcade games. And Subway Surfers game is one of the best examples. So we are going to talk about Subway Surfers apk for Android today in this post.

Well, the niche Subway Surfers fits into, is neither revolutionary nor mind blowing. We have already seen endless running games similar to Subway Surfers before. The most popular game of last year, Temple Run is one of the best examples. However, playing Subway Surfers won’t leave you bored either. Simple yet interesting twists and turns in the overall gameplay will leave you addicted to this game.

Features of Subway Surfers apk for Android:

Subway Surfers is an endless running game, in which you will be chased by a cop, and your objective is to run as far as you can, through the subway tracks, avoiding collision with the oncoming trains and other obstacles.

subway surfers apk android

As you run through the subway, you will be able to pickup power ups, coins, special characters and other collectibles, which will help you in progressing through the game by acquiring locked characters and other collectibles.

As I said earlier, Subway Surfers is not the first game of its kind. However, the cute looks on the faces of the game characters, the active and immersive gameplay experience along with the eagerness of unlocking the locked stuffs in the game will leave anyone playing Subway Surfers addicted to it.

The gameplay of Subway Surfers for Android is not tough at all. You are given three vertical train tracks to switch between, and you will have to avoid any obstacles on your path, such as trains or light posts, by switching between these train tracks. And as you move on, do not forget to pick up coins or any other power ups which may help you progress along the game.

The power ups present in the game are also attractive as well. Power ups such as Jetpack or Coin Magnet helps you attract more coins as you run, whereas Sneakers and Multipler allows you additional chances to get more coins. Along with these, there are also power ups such as the Hoverboard, which will give you an instant second chance once you hit some obstacles while running and fail the game.

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The developers of Subway Surfers are doing a great job in keeping the game attractive and interesting as ever. The game keeps getting updates, and in regular intervals, the subway tracks are updated to resemble train or subway tracks of major cities from countries around the globe.

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Download Subway Surfers Apk:

The Subway Surfers game is available on almost every major mobile operating systems out there, which includes Android, iOS and Windows Phone. And below are the download links for each respective platform:

So you can download the game now on your smartphone and install the Subway Surfer apk for Android and also on your iPhone and come back here and let us know your high score!