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If you have never played Subway Surfers game despite having an Android device, then I don’t know what you are doing with your phone. Even if you are not much of a game person, you should play the game at least once in your life. If you want to play the game then you can download the latest version of the game which is Subway Surfers 1.33.0 APK file or you can get it from Google Play Store as well.

The game play is really simple – you play a character Jake which is drawing graphities on subway trains and an inspector comes to catch you. Now you have to run away and escape from the grumpy inspector and his dog by running on the train tracks and jumping over the trains and doing this all while collecting coins and power-ups to get a better score. That’s all you have to do in this endless running game. So you can download the Subway Surfers 1.33.0 APK for Android right now by using the link at the end of this article.

Subway Surfers 1.33.0 APK for Android – Features:

The game has been downloaded hundreds of millions of times on both Android as well as iOS devices so if you own an Android device then you can get the game, Subway Surfers for Android and also read some of the features before downloading it.

subway surfers 1.33.0 apk for android

  • Run Over Trains: You play Jake and run from the inspector on the subway tracks. Dodge the oncoming trains and run over them to escape the inspector who is following you.
  • Surfing: When you double-tap on your screen while playing Subway Surfers for Android, you will get a hoverboard to surf through the tracks. This way you get double life for a limited time. When you get out, the game won’t be over but you will come back to running and the hoverboard will now be gone.
  • Power-Ups: There are some various different power-ups like Jetpack to fly and collect coins from the air, Coin magnets to attract all the coins while running, Super Sneakers to jump a lot higher than normal, Multipliers to double your score.
  • Leaderboards: Challenge your friends to come and compete with you in the online leaderboard and see who can score the highest points.
  • Different Locations: Travel the world with your crew and explore the new exotic locations and different features and unique power upgrades.

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What’s New in the Update?

  • Follow the characters to the Las Vegas tour.
  • Add Rex, who is an amazing performer, to your crew.
  • A lot of fancy roller boards to spice up your collection with.
  • Weekly hunts to unlock cool new prizes.

Version History:

  1. Older Version: Subway Surfers 1.31.0 APK for Android

subway surfers apk download

Download Subway Surfers 1.33.0 APK for Android

As I already said, you can download the game directly on your smartphone by going to the Play Store but if you are unable to do it for some reason, then you can download the APK file by using this link Download Subway Surfers 1.33.0 APK – (Google Play Store Link)

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