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The improvement of camera lenses as well as performance metrics of the modern Smartphone has led to a considerable rise in the size of videos, pictures, apps and many other files. Shareit is the only best quality app that helps to share the heavy files.

In the earlier days, USB link is only the means to move files. But, now the app Shareit, created by Lenovo Corp introduces an advanced technology that assists to transmit the media files with no USB connection system.


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Features Of The App ShareIt

  • Sharing any type of files does not need network connection and data charges when one uses the app- Shareit.
  • The users can share not only media files, but even the contacts, audio files, TXT, WORD, PPT, HTML and EXCEL and so on.
  • This is a system of wireless transfer, thus, there is no need of any type of cables to run the application.
  • The app is faster and consistent than all other file sharing app.
  • The files can be shared with any kind of devices. Moreover, the users can share it among five devices at the same time.
  • Shareit enables the users to transfer files and videos of large size in few seconds. The creator of this app claims that the app can work forty times quicker than that of the system of Bluetooth.
  • Automatic Detection is another feature of this app. It means that the devices, where the app is installed may automatically identify each other while they are within range.
  • One can also invite friends with only one click on a button in the application.
  • None can send anything to the users without the prior approval is received.
  • The app supports lower version like Android 2.2 as well as upper versions.


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The app also helps to do the following things-

  • Stream the images to other gadgets– Streaming of images from an Android handset to a computer is possible. One can make use of the Android device in order to control the show distantly.
  • Control slide shows of PowerPoint– Utilize the Android phone or tab to manage any slide show of PowerPoint on the PC.
  • View files remotely– The files on the PC and Android can be viewed. The users can also have access to it.
  • Immediate photo backup– With a single click, one can back up all of the images on the Android to PC.

BlueStacks Software: For installing ShareIt app on computer

  • Download the Android Emulator to install that on the Mac PC.
  • Then, open this app and make use of the search bar in order to seek Shareit for Mac!
  • After getting the Shareit application on BlueStacks software, click on install
  • When Shareit is installed perfectly on BlueStacks, the users can begin to run the app on computer

These steps enable one to have Shareit for Mac. Thus, the free application, Shareit can not only be enjoyed by iPhone users or Android users, but also made available to the PC users.