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Want to enjoy realistic tarmac action but don’t have the high end gaming rig needed for it? Or maybe you don’t want to break bank over just a game? Well Real Racing 3 is a perfect game for you then! It provides the right simulation with some great environments. However, it was only launched for Apple’s smartphone platform and on Android. Running it on your PC was impossible, officially. But Bluestacks comes to rescue in the situation and makes Real Racing for PC a reality! How? Read on…


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The Game Itself:

Real Racing is the first serious attempt at bringing simulation racing games, which are accurate on physics, vehicle handling and less forgiving for the casual players. But if you can master the controls you are in for a big treat! The game features 12 tracks in total. The graphics are stupendous for smartphones and won’t look bad in a large screen either. The cars are tuned to their real life counterparts with similar sounding engine noises down to the decals. Thus it is a perfect offering for those players that are looking for some serious driving actions, not the “tilt to win” racing experience. There are periodic international tournaments with leaderboards. Social integration is present which can also automatically upload the videos of your best lap times.

The Gameplay

As with simulation racing gaming, Real Racing gives heavy emphasis on real life physics with inertia, friction, burnouts and accelerations. This means that speed up and braking is similar to real life and so is damage to the car. The cars can skid and spin on impact or even overturn. The tires similarly behave realistically. There is an immersive cockpit view which really stands out as it provides real-time movement based on your phone tilt. Acceleration and braking initially happens automatically, but you can take over controls manually. There is Career and Time-lapse modes available with career mode having three different AI options. It also supports real-time racing with other people over local Wi-Fi setups.


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Real Racing for PC

By now you must be really interested in getting the game running on your PC. Well, Bluestacks comes to the scenario right here. It is android emulation software which allows you to run any Android app or games. Thus with its help, you can easily run the game. Here are the steps.

  • Download the latest Bluestacks setup.
  • Install it.
  • Once the installation finishes, you will have to set your preferences like your Default language.
  • Next enter your Google account credentials (basically your Gmail ID and password).
  • Your account will sync and you will be at the home screen. Type “Real Racing” on the top search bar and search for it.
  • It will take you straight to the Play Store, where you need to click the “Install” button. Click “accept” on the permissions dialog.
  • Once installation finishes, go back to home screen. Here you will find the icon. Click on it to launch the game.

With these simple steps, you can setup and run Real Racing for PC and enjoy a racing simulator!