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Having a web browser on your Android device is a must because you will be using it a lot of surf the Internet. There are many amazing web browser applications but out of all them, there is one that is amazing and its name is Puffin Web Browser. If you have already installed it then you can update it to the latest version from Google Play Store or download Puffin Web Browser APK file and then you can install the application on your device.

There are lots of various features that you can use in this browser. Its light and super fast and loads webpages in an instant. You get some amazing features like cloud protection with the Puffin browser on your Android device. So if you have grown tired of using Chrome or Firefox browser on your smartphone then you can give this browser a try. You can download the latest version of Puffin Web Browser APK for Android from Google Play Store or get it directly on your smartphone.

Puffin Web Browser APK for Android – Features:

The browser has been downloaded on more than 5 million Android devices and you too can get the application. If you want then you can check the features of Puffin Web Browser for Android before you decide to install it.

puffin web-browser for android

  • Fast Loading Speed: The browser offers you super fast page load speed and rendering so that you can get the information as fast as you can without wasting much time.
  • Cloud Protection: One amazing thing about Puffin Web Browser application is that the servers are encrypted and it protects your device from hacking attacks even when you are using non-secure WiFi networks to access the Internet.
  • Flash Player Support: The browser supports that latest Flash player over the cloud so that you never miss out on some amazing content.
  • Save Bandwidth: With the browser application, you will be able to save 90% of web data by using its compression algorithm to transfer web data to your device.
  • Customization Options: You can customize the browser app by using the various color theme and the sidebar theme options.
  • Other Features: Virtual trackpad, Theater mode, faster JavaScript engine, Incognito tab and a lot more various options present in the browser.

What’s New in the Update?

  • Various Bug Fixes.
  • Improvements in the browser.

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Download Puffin Web Browser APK for Android

You can download the web browser app on your smartphone or tablet directly from Google Play Store or if you need to download the APK file then you can do so by using the download link below.

Download APK Get it from Google Play

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