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In the present era of high resolution games, rogue-like genre has become very popular. Pixel Dungeon belongs to such genre but it has some differences. Though, it is mainly designed for the iPhone or iPad users, Pixel Dungeon for PC is now a reality, though with the help of third part software. The basic plot of this game is about the battle with evil elements, for a kingdom.


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A Guide To Play The Game:

Being a rogue-like game, Pixel Dungeon allows the character of the player to travel through the risky dungeon, which is full of monsters as well as loot. The intention of PD is to hit a particular boss and get hold of the Amulet of Yendor. So, to do it, the player has to cross all the twenty five stages by fighting against the difficult monsters.

When this game is loaded, the player will be put into the randomly created dungeon. The stairs are related to the stages of dungeon; however one cannot go back to the first stage. These stairs, signs and a door can be seen in the first room. Signs exist on all floors and give useful instructions regarding the game. Again, as it is a turn based game, the action will happen only when the players make some movements. They will get a lot of time to make any resolution to play the game in a better way. But the traps and demons are always there to hinder the actions if the player have low health.

Lastly, it should be remembered that PD includes permadeath, which is a general characteristic in this rogue-like genre. It indicates that as soon as a character is killed, all the progresses will get lost and it has to be started just from the beginning point. There are 3 classes in Pixel Dungeon, and the fourth one unlocks after hitting the third boss. Those who are new players must start the game with Warrior; however those who are familiar with these rogue-like game, can go for Mage or Rogue.

Interface Of The Game:

There are a number of items on the screen when the players first come into the dungeon. There is an image of the character at the top left portion. By tapping it, one can know about the present health, the buffs, highest depth, gold, catalogues, etc.

This catalogue is a list of all of the potions as well as scrolls of the game. The azure potion may be healing in the first game, while in the next, this may be fire. The catalogue maintains track of everything. Again, the journal is the list of the significant rooms within the dungeon, for example laboratories, backyards, and many more.

The game may be directly obtained to play on any computer if there is the emulator Bluestacks fitted on the machine. Here are instructions to install the Pixel Dungeon for PC via Bluestack.

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  • At first, Bluestack has to be downloaded and installed. Download here.
  • Then open this emulator and browse this Pixel Dungeon by Bluestacks.
  • Watch search results on the web and click the official link for this game.
  • Now, after the download, wait for a few minutes to open it from Bluestacks.