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Puzzle games are popular genre of games as it can appeal to the intelligence and logistic abilities of the players. Monument Valley is a puzzle game designed for iOS and Android handsets. When the game was released, it was accessible just for iOS users but with the increase in popularity, the game has been released for Android devices as well. However, for Android devices, this game can be enjoyed as the paid version. Monument Valley is really more about some interesting puzzles than a general story. However it still can give the feeling as an adventure game.

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Detail Gameplay Of Monument Valley:

In the game Monument Valley, player leads Ida, a player-character princess through messes of some optical illusions and impractical objects that are considered as the sacred geometry.  This game is exhibited in an isometric view and here the gamers interact with the situation to hit upon the hidden passages because Ida makes progress towards the exit of the map. There are ten levels and each of them has a variety of central mechanic. The interactions comprise moving platforms along with pillar animals, as well as creating bridges. Players are cued in some way through the game with design elements such as color. They are cued directly through crow people, who obstruct the path of Ida. The game consists of a camera mode in which the player may roam in a level to create screenshots.

Features Offered By Monument Valley:

  • The game has a brilliant design, and it is appealing due to its serenity.
  • In the simple 3D design of the game, there are palaces and also temples of different parts of the world. The monuments are also unique. Structures rise upon some solid backdrops or the natural environments, to take the players deep into the shady rooms or float across the ocean since Ida tries to get her way to the outlet. 
  • Twist or drag in order to restructure the world and also to assist Ida in exploration. The game is easy for any player to play.
  • The game can be synchronized with any type of device.

Playing Monument Valley in computer would have a wonderful experience since the large screen can always offer better experience. But, as it is designed only for Android or iOS, the game cannot be directly downloaded. There is a need of an emulator so that it can be easily played on a computer.

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  • Download an android emulator system on the computer. For this purpose, Bluestacks will be the perfect one. If this emulator is not included in the computer, download from here!
  • Then, after completing the download process, get it installed on the PC. After that, find the game on Playstore using Bluestack.
  • Then click on the particular icon that is observed on the screen and then install this Monument Valley for PC. Double click on this icon so that the app can be launched.

These are the steps that enable the users Monument Valley on PC.