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With the development of the civilized society; the communication systems have also witnessed lots of changes and to some extent it can be said that on the other way actually the development in communication helped the gross advancement of the civilization. The massive progress in science and technology is another reason, which have changed the philosophy and approach of the entire communication structure. While just couple of decades ago, the landline telephone was considered as the solitary avenue of communication, but with the advent of computer, internet, mobile phones (especially smartphones have revolutionized the whole of the communication. Not only the younger generation but the people of different age group have been totally addicted to smartphones and laptops or PC for nurturing a better method of communication. Even the erstwhile phone calls and SMS are now backdated, people are more prone and accustomed to the various instant messaging system, which are quite helpful in maintaining of various social networking scopes, a big hit among the users.

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Various features Of IMO – The Instant Messaging

If we are talking about latest communication app than the IMO For Mac has to be regarded as the most advanced and user-friendly app, among the instant messaging apps, which are available in the market. It can be noted that the IMO can be used in a PC or laptop and also on a smartphone. Some of the basic features of IMO are as follows:

  • IMO For Mac is nothing but a web based instant messenger application, which provides the scope of voice chat and messaging functions. This app can be used in bilateral use or for group chat, with all relevant features.
  • The chat history in IMO can be searched for references and records and simultaneous sessions are available in this app.
  • Desktop notification is another feature that helps the user to get notified about any unnoticed message, which may be of immense importance.
  • The profile picture of the user can be uploaded and also various personal preferences are available in this instant messaging application.
  • A well-structured contact list, with the display of contact icons, is another most important feature that provides a unique sense of comfort and happiness.
  • The keyboard shortcut is available here and also blocking of unwanted message and contact can be made with complete ease and attitude.
  • Along with the excellent video and audio qualities, there are some other issues, such as; interface, smiley, group calling, stickers and conversation features are also available, which are all of high standard and very user-friendly.


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How To Get It

As the IMO For Mac is a web-based app, it usually works on Mac systems of Apple hardware, but it can be used in other PC or laptop and for getting this app on these systems; one has to download and install this app through “Bluestacks” emulator, which has the potential of installing this app on any laptop or desktop computer system. After installating Bluestacks, the app can be found using the in-built search bar provided and can be installed from there itself.