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Searching for houses and related properties remain the most cumbersome task as not every person is well aware of how to deal with properties. If you are moving constantly to different places or want to find some paying guest opportunities, you need a reliable source that doesn’t fool you to gain a better profit margin. At such point, you can use, a web-based client that helps you in searching for properties in different areas. Android app is also available for download from Google Play Store which can be used to search on the go.

There might be thousands of homes available and paying guest opportunities as well, but you might get wrong information about it and you might end up in a bad neighborhood. Also trusting real estate brokers is also not a good choice as some of them are just there for profit and they will do whatever it takes to make a large profit on your deals. So why not take everything in our hand using the property app for Android. The application for is available for free on the Play Store.

Brief Overview of Android App:

Whenever you are buying a property, you must look at all of the features of the property before making the deal. And the main reason that is getting more and more popular is that it is providing every information and every minute details of the properties listed. You will be able to see how many rooms are available, how many bedrooms are available and you can search for flats, homes, hostels and even paying guest opportunities on the application.

housing android app user interfaceThe user interface of the application is extremely simple and every option is visible. Once you have downloaded and installed the application, you will see the first screen that will ask you what you are looking for. Whether you want to rent a house, buy a house or find PGs and hostels or whether you are looking for an agent. It’s all there and you just need to choose the option that suits your needs.

When you choose the option you are looking for, you will be then taken to the screen where you have to select the city and the preferred area where you want to live.

Once you choose the area, it will show you all the available options on the screen along with the price of every property. You can dive in further by clicking on any property. On the next page, you will be shown all the information about the property like its price and other amenities.

The complete address of the property along with the navigation on the map, the rating of the property, whether the property is furnished or not, how much area it covers in sq. ft., what’s the deposit amount for the property, number of bathrooms, cupboards, bed and even TV. That’s not all as you will also be shown whether an AC is available, if the gas connection is there and availability of other amenities like Microwave, washing machine, sofa, refrigerator, etc.

housing com app property listingsAnd when you are satisfied in a property and want to get it then you can do that too from within the application. There is a blue button right below every property listing showing the name of the agent for that property. You can touch the button to get in touch with the agent and discuss further about the apartment or flat.

One of the most awesome feature of the application is the filters. You can filter out all the properties which meets your requirements to the smallest details. Here are the filters available in the application.

  • BHKs: How many bedrooms you want to have in your apartment? If you are just looking for a room and a kitchen and no bedroom then that option is available as well.
  • Price Range: You can set the price range depending on your budget. The maximum price range for rental homes is 20 Lacs INR.
  • Bathrooms: Here you can specify the number of bathrooms that you want in your apartment.
  • Property Type: What type of property you are looking for? Do you want an apartment, an independent house, a penthouse, or an independent floor in a flat?
  • Lease Type: Specify what type of lease types you are comfortable with.
  • Furnishing Type: Specify what type of furnishing you want in your property.
  • Social Amenities: Here you can choose what amenities you are looking for like Gym, lifts, parking facility, swimming pool and whether gas pipelines are available or not.
  • Basic Amenities: Select the basic amenities like TV, AC, Sofa, Washing machine, fridge, cupboards, beds etc and specify the number of them in the filters.

Other Features:

housing app alerts featureAnother great feature about Android app is that you can set alerts within the application. If you want to buy a flat or rent an apartment in a particular area only and don’t want to go to some other area then you can set these alerts so that you get notified as new properties are added in the list.

This feature is the most helpful when you are going through all the listings and you can’t find any property that suits your requirements but by settings alerts and choosing the frequency of these alerts, you will be notified of all the properties that are added in that area so that you can get them before anyone else does.

The rating feature tells you everything about the different ratings of the properties. You will see the ratings of the location, the social ratings based on the social amenities availability and the commute ratings based on the transportation facilities.

If you are looking to sell your property or want to give it on rent, then Android app is the best place to list your property and get some serious potential buyers within a very short time.

Our Final Verdict:

Considering that you can not only search for properties in any location but also contact the agent, look at all the details of the property and its social and basic amenities and the ratings from one single app, I would say that it is a must have for people who are frequently changing cities. You can download the application by clicking the download button below.

Download App 

If you are looking to buy a new property then download Android app on your device as you can search for various properties on the go with the application!