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Gmail is the best email client for Android, iOS and other smartphone and Google just rolled out the latest Gmail 5.0 update for Android devices a day back. Now if you already have Gmail installed on your smartphone as it comes by default then you can update it by going to Google Play Store but if you have somehow removed the application then you can just download Gmail 5.0 APK for Android and install it on your smartphone.

With the latest update, you can not only add multiple accounts but also accounts from different services like Yahoo, Outlook and others services. With the fresh new look, you will love using the application for your email conversation. So update the app now or download the Gmail 5.0 APK and install it manually on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Gmail 5.0 APK for Android – Features:

Gmail is the most used email service as it is a product by Google and there is no limit to whatever you do. With your free account, you can carry out your email conversation with ease. Now when you are away from your computer, you can use Gmail for Android to keep your conversations on.

gmail 5.0 apk for android

If you have been using Gmail on your computer as your email client then you would know how amazing the service is. With powerful Google servers keeping your data safe and providing faster speed, your email will reach the recipient within seconds no matter if they are at the other corner of the world.

The new update has brought in a fresh new look and made the interface more user friendly. We already were able to add multiple Gmail accounts but now it supports Yahoo as well as Outlook accounts so that none of your emails go overlooked.

The push notification feature makes sure that you get each and every email you receive and you reply to it before forgetting about it. For me, Gmail is my default email app as it is super easy and super efficient at the same time.

What’s New in the Update?

  • Fresh New Look and great user interface.
  • Support for Yahoo mail, Outlook and other email services. You can use them right from your Gmail app.
  • Faster switching between inbox categories and accounts included with the improved tablet layout.
  • If you are Android lollipop user, then you get extra features like hiding sensitive lockscreen notifications.

Other APK files:

gmail apk download

Download Gmail 5.0 APK for Android

Google has officially rolled out the Gmail 5.0 update through Google Play Store so if the app is already installed on your smartphone then update the app right now from the store as it would be better.

However if you don’t have the app, which is unlikely, then you can download the Gmail 5.0 APK for Android from the link below and then install it manually on your smartphone Download Gmail 5.0 APK file – (Google Play Store Link)

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