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In today’s world of technology and rapid development, very little innovation in the world of communication is left undone. Science and technological progress has led human beings in such an era where every possible task can be accomplished with only the aid of a smartphone and Internet. One such essential task is getting updated with all the news around the world. A revolutionary application Newshunt was thus designed to allow users to enjoy reading news of the world in their regional language. Currently the application supports 10 languages, which almost covers all the different language speaking population of India.


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What Exactly Is Newshunt?

Getting to know about all the happenings around the world is a primary necessity of every countrymen. Language barriers must not come in the way of getting to read news. Keeping the above in mind, software developer Eterno developed a smartphone application where one can have access to 87 global newspapers around the world in 11 different languages. It therefore makes all the happenings of the world easily available to people who only knows a certain language.

How Can You Avail Newshunt?

As stated before, Newshunt is an Android application, which means that any smartphone user can avail it through the android market. All they need is an Android phone or an apple phone and an Internet connection that works fine. You can download it for free from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. It can also be accessed from one’s personal computer but a few steps must be followed in order to avail yourself Newshunt for Mac.

What Are It’s Added Features?

The fact that Newshunt provides more than 80 (currently 87) newspaper in 11 languages is just amazing. Here one can get access to completely authentic and verified news. The other added features are customized columns for users to read all the hot and happening stories. Moreover, here you can read innumerous eBooks over time. These are just the basic attributes. Once you use the application, you will come to know about all the other facilities this app provides. One thing for sure, it won’t let you down.

How Can I Avail It On My Mac System?

Downloading Newshunt for Mac is much easier than one conceives it to be. Although having a smartphone makes it much easier to gain access to the app, you just need to follow the understated steps in order to avail Newshunt for Mac.

  • As Newshunt is an android app, it requires an android platform to be installed upon which is something not readily available on your Mac. Therefore you need to install it through Bluestacks, which is an Android Emulator Software.
  • Install the Bluestacks software by running the setup file and following the simple steps mentioned there on your Mac.
  • Once you open the Bluestacks file, you will find an interface pretty much similar to Android’s market version.
  • On the search bar type Newshunt and wait for its results.
  • The requisite app must be installed by clicking on the install button.
  • The application starts to download automatically and gets successfully installed on completion of download.

After going through these steps, you have successfully made yourself accessible to Newshunt for Mac. Open the file and enjoy reading your favourite newspapers in your preferred language like never before.