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We often, while being connected over a wireless network need something for communicating with others connected over the same network. Be it over a small office or a large compound, such a thing would reduce a lot of labor and save a lot of time and money. And to make this happen, we have FlashChat, which allows you to strike up a conversation with anyone plugged in to the same network, if they’re having this application. Thus Android brings to you such a useful application. However, Windows isn’t provided with the opportunity to use such an app, but BlueStacks, the Android emulator which has access to PlayStore, makes it possible for you.


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What The Application Has In Store For You:

FlashChat is an Instant Community application which comes under the Communication category of Play Store. A creation of Next Streaming Corp., this application is designed to connect people, connected over the same Wifi network. Compatible on almost all Android versions, this application is designed to display the users plugged-in to the same Wi-Fi network, within a distance of 1 km. You can start in an instant conversation with your classmates, co-workers or possibly anyone else under the same network. And the best part is you don’t even need to add buddies to chat.

The Special Features Of This Application Are As Follows:

  • INTELLIGENT SECURITY– The messages disappear automatically within a short span of time, after you leave the Wi-Fi network. Thus this keeps you clean of any future problem. Plus it do not save your messages onto a cloud space.
  • ANONYMOUS CHATTING: Those connected to the network can chat anonymously within any username of your choice. So, your privacy is maintained yet there is no fun compromised.
  • PROXIMATIVE PRIVACY– The chats are visible to only those who are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and only they can view the messages you send. Thus no else from the outside can receive your messages or can read them.
  • MANY CHATTING COMBINATIONS- You can chat to all the users connected to the same WiFi or simply strike multiple single conversations with the users connected.
  • INSTANT CHAT COMMUNITY– Thus FlashChat provides for you an instant chat community to connect to everyone sharing the same network, to make working easier and more efficient and time saving as well.

How To Run It On Windows

Android applications and game are not designed to run on a standard PC or a windows platform. Although google developer tools for Android helps in installing them on it, yet it’s difficult to execute them. Thus we have for you an Android emulating software named BlueStacks, which simplifies the work for you.


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  • Download the recent version of BlueStacks designed for Windows.
  • Choose your preferred language and set your Google mail ID to connect to the android‘s Play Store account.
  • Search for “FlashChat ” in the search bar.
  • Click on it when the results display the application and then download and install the application.
  • After completing the installation, launch the application from the main menu and stay connected with people connected to the same Wi-fi.

Thus download it now, and chat without any limitations.