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The latest update of Evernote app is here and you can download the application directly on your smartphone using the Google Play Store. If you are not able to download the app from the store then we have provided a link to download Evernote 6.0.2 APK for Android on your smartphone which you can later install easily.

With Evernote, you can easily take notes whenever you get any idea. It replaces the conventional notepad and pen and gives you an opportunity to make notes of the things you don’t want to forget. As Evernote 6.0.2 is an application that is available for all the smartphones including Android and iOS, it becomes easier to download the application and use it on the go to save all your ideas so that you can use them later when you are free.

Evernote 6.0.2 APK for Android – Features

Evernote 6.0.2 features various bug fixes and updated UI settings among other new features that you can read later in the post. The application has a lot of features that comes in handy when you constantly get new ideas for your work. So let’s see what you can do with Evernote app for Android.

evernote 6.0.2 apk for android

  • Create Notes: You can create simple notes and jot down anything that comes to your mind so that you can save it for later and not forget any thing.
  • Create Notebooks: You can organize everything by creating notebooks and tags so that you can create a note on a particular topic and save them in one single place.
  • Sync: You can access all your notes and data from across your device. Create an account with Evernote and use that account across multiple devices to access your work anywhere. Also the best part is that even if the application gets deleted accidentally, none of your work will be removed as you can install it again and login using your credentials.
  • Improve Productivity: Create to-do lists and check the things as you progress ahead in the list.
  • Better Search: With the improved search feature, you can search for texts, notes, photos and PDFs easily from all your projects.
  • Better Access: Create a great workplace and share them with your colleagues by using shared notebooks.
  • Manage Expenses: You can even manage your bills, receipts and invoices to keep a track on your expenses.

Not only can you do all the stuff that I mentioned above, there’s a whole new side when you are using Evernote. Every person uses the app differently and once you install it and start seeing the results from it, you will also find a way to use the app to help you in your daily life. So download the latest version of Evernote 6.0.2 APK for Android using the links below or from Google Play Store directly.

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What’s New?

  • Delete Notebook support
  • The UI has been updated for tablets and smartphones
  • Better performance
  • Bug fixes

Download Evernote 6.0.2 Apk for Android

You can download the latest version of this app on your smartphone or update it if already installed from the Google Play Store. But if you are not able to do it then you can download Evernote 6.0.2 APK for Android using this link – Download Evernote 6.0.2 APK – (Google Play Store Link)

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