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Those who are greatly fond of the games of gothic war such as Dungeon Hunter game series and are searching for a game parallel to it, then Eternity warriors is perhaps the best choice for them. The game is quite easier in contrast to the Dungeon Hunter game in terms of building characters and selecting gears.


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In the game of Eternity Warriors, the players can have a simple as well as dynamic gameplay. The aim is to walk through all the dungeons, killing the rivals, gathering various items and raising the levels of the characters. The players can decide their fate and the operations are sited within the menu of Battle. While selecting the operations, the player can notice a brief mission, directing the necessary level and also what they can win. A few of the missions have particular names, which denote big fights against the rivals. For these missions, the player should remain fixed and take different potions to be cured.

The Plot Of The Game:

The darkness of Lord of Hell appears heavily on the empire of Uder, since the ultimate one of the killed dragons has discharged the terrible prediction on the empire and released the Eternity Sword. The demons that are spread throughout other kingdoms appeared in Uder also. So, Northern Uder now require a leader. In order to overcome the Lord of hell, the player can create relations with the other players, make conversation with these players in real time and also examine the equipments of the battle.

There are three heroes- one is the swordsman, the second one is a monk and another one is an Archer. The players have to march through the realm of Change. Destroyed by the demons or the dragons, the empire is overrun by different strong rivals and all these will be faced by the players. The game consists of nice graphics and also a dynamic structure of combat.

One can control the characters of the game with the help of the analog controls and also the buttons to attack, that are laid out on game screen. There is just a single attack button while four attack buttons are designed for the special skills.

Within this short game, there are increasing numbers of challenges because there are lots of dungeons to discover and each one of them adds new enemies.


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A Short Tutorial To Play The Game In PC:

If any individual wants to play Eternity warrior for PC, here are the steps-

  • At first, install the application Bluestacks from this link.
  • Bluestack will give the facility to operate the Android apps on any PC in an easy way.
  • Installation of the Bluestacks is also easy and then the next button is to be clicked.
  • The game can be downloaded from Google or Bluestacks search bar can be used to have the game directly.
  • Scroll All App option, seek the Eternity warriors for PC and click it to play.