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Years back, we would rarely use mobile web browsers because they were not at all like web browsers that we have come to use and experience on our desktop PC’s. However, as years passed by and as operating systems on these mobile devices started to become more evolved, we started to see better functioning web browsers as well.

And today, we do get a lot of web browsing utilities for all major mobile operating systems that gives almost all the functionality as of their PC counterparts. However, there are several web browsers that are only available for mobile devices like Android and iPhone and does not feature a desktop version. Two such popular web browsers are the UC Browser and the Opera Mini web Browser. Opera Mini do have a desktop version however it started out as a mobile web browser application.

And if you have a smartphone or any phone, I am sure that you might have used either or both of these browsers and would have loved its speed. So today we are going to see some simple steps to download UC browser for PC and similarly Opera Mini browser for PC.

Features of UC Browser for PC:

uc browser for pc computer download

UC Browser, as I said above, is one of the best web browsers for mobile operating systems. The UC browser is fast and responsive and rather it also loads up quickly, which is the biggest factor concerning a web browser.

Even though the UC Browser is a mobile optimized web browser, you probably will not miss any important feature from the UC Browser, that any PC web browser can offer. For example, the UC Browser has features such as tabbed browsing, support for extensions and full screen web browsing, to name a few.

Features of Opera Mini for PC:

opera mini for pc download

The Opera Mini web browser is yet another mobile optimized lightweight web browser. One of the biggest feature of the Opera Mini web browser is that it only requires around one-tenth of the bandwidth of a regular web browser for mobile. Which makes this web browser really helpful and compatible for people with a limited internet plan.

The Opera Mini web browser does come with all the bells and whistles that its competitor web browsing alternatives provides, and also supports Flast and HTML5 out of the box.

Steps to Download UC Browser for PC:

Here are the simple steps that you need to follow if you want to download UC Browser for PC without any problems or difficulties.

  • To download the UC Browser for PC, you will first require to download and install the Bluestacks Android Emulator software on your PC. Bluestacks is an Android Emulator software that will help you in downloading and installing Android apps on your PC. (Download Link)
  • After you download and install the Bluestacks software on your PC, launch it and login using your Google account credentials.
  • Once you login, you will be presented on the homepage.
  • At the top of the homepage, you will find a search bar.
  • You can type in the keyword “UC Browser” in the search bar above to search for the specific app.
  • Once you search for the app, you will be resulted with links to download the app to the Bluestacks Android Emulator on your PC.
  • Click on the download button and wait for the app to be downloaded on your PC and then installed.

Steps to Download Opera Mini for PC:

The steps to download Opera Mini web browser on your PC are similar to the above steps you followed to install UC Browser on your computer.

To install Opera Mini instead of UC Browser, you need to search for “Opera Mini” in the search bar of Bluestacks Android emulator and install the app from the download links that will appear when you search for the app. Following the same steps and searching for Opera mini will easily let you download Opera Mini for PC.

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Congratulations, you have now successfully installed the UC Browser for PC or the Opera Mini web browser for PC with the help of the Bluestacks Android Emulator. If you liked the post, then do hit the share button to share the post with your friends.