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Snapchat is a very popular instant messaging application, but with a feature, that at least according to some, is unique. The Snapchat mobile app lets you capture and send videos and pictures to your contacts, that deletes itself from the user directory, after a time frame lasting of about 24 hours, after which the snaps will be deleted automatically.

However, even if a user does not wish to store these photos or videos in their storage, they can simply take a screenshot of the page to save the image. Screenshot functionality is available on all major mobile operating systems like Android and iOS, so that might not be an issue. If in case, Snapchat understands that the photo that you have sent to your contact has been captured, Snapchat tries to notify you about the same. However, several people have come with proof that photos and videos, that are self deleted by the Snapchat messenger, can be easily restored by using a data recovery tool from your PC.

Snapchat for iPhone, iPad Features:

Options such as filters and toggles for texts are available, but is somewhat hidden in between, and is a part of the poor user interface optimization. Once you take a picture, you can apply anyone filter from the six given filters. But, these filters are in no mean attractive to filters that we are addicted to, from apps like Flickr and Instagram. You are also given with an option to add a caption for your image, or you can even doodle it in different colored sets.

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Snapchat, unlike Instagram, does not allow you to add filters or other edits to videos. However, you are given the ability to add different types of overlays that represents time, temperature and speedometer. Overall, the editing options available in Snapchat for videos, in comparison to other popular alternatives such as Instagram and Vine, are too less.

You can view a video or photo snaps sent by your friends to you, by tapping and holding on the received item. The timer starts ticking from the first tap itself, and automatically deletes the photo or video, if you do not choose to save it, within your selected time frame.

Chat messages, along with photos and videos are stored as threaded conversations. You can know the time of the last interaction made, by simply swiping to the right. And swiping to the right further reveals the chat box to text your contact.

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If two users are using the same chat window, then the camera icon will turn blue. Tapping on the blue icon opens the Video Feed, one of the latest feature additions to Snapchat. Once the Video Feed is turned ON, a preview of the camera of your smartphone appears next to your thumb, whereas, the other person’s camera feed covers the entire screen in the background. You can move between the front and rear facing cameras by toggling your thumb up or down.

If you are interested to download Snapchat for iPhone or iPad, then you can follow the link below to directly download the Snapchat app to your device.

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