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Downloading something from the internet can be time and resource consuming. Despite the fast internet connections that are available these days, downloading requires time and consumes data. Also, if, while downloading your connection faces an issue, the downloaded file can be lost forcing you to download it all over again.

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A solution to this very common problem is the Internet Download Manager. A simple and yet efficient application, it allows you to download, optimise the speed, prioritise the downloading files, pause and resume, categorise the files, and also allows downloading the files directly from the browser. It makes the entire downloading process hassle free.

Download and Installation

The application is simple and its file size is not large. You can easily download it to your computer. Once downloaded, the installation process requires just a few minutes. Simply execute the program file and the installation will begin. Follow the on screen guidelines and within a few minutes the installation will be complete and you can start using the download manager.

User Interface

The program has a very simple and intuitive user interface. It has a very easy operating process and even a new user can very easily operate the software without facing any issues with it.

Downloading and Other Features

The downloading of files using this program is very simply. You just have to specify the file you would like to download and also specify the download folder where the files will be downloaded. Once you have determined the destination folder, you can begin the download. The download manager allows you to specify the bandwidth you would like to allocate to each of the files and also to prioritise the files. Hence, depending on which file is more urgent, you can give it a high priority while downloading. You can also pause and resume a download at any point without losing the already downloaded data. Another great feature is that you can also categorise the files and download them accordingly. Just specify the details in the application while downloading and the files will be arranged according to the specific categories.

Downloading From The Browser

An excellent feature of this software is its ability to download directly from a browser while you visit the website. So, if you want a video from YouTube to be downloaded, Internet Download Manager will do it for you without the need for installing an application like “YouTube Downloader”. You can also use the download manager to download from Facebook or other sources.

System Integration

The software easily integrates with your computer operating system. It can support all the operating systems. Similarly, it integrates well with all the browsers, thereby allowing an easy download process. There are no performance issues with this software while using it with any operating system or web browser.

Over Verdict

Internet Download Manager is a highly effective tool for all your download needs. It delivers a powerful performance and eliminates all the issues usually associated with downloading files from the internet.