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Instagram is a very popular photo sharing social networking platform. Instagram was initially introduced for devices running iOS operating system, and was later ported to the Android operating system as well.

If you are new to the Instagram service, then to get started, all you have to do is download Instagram application on your smartphone as Instagram now supports iOS, Android and Windows Phone as well. Then login to Instagram. You can either login using your Facebook account credentials, as Instagram is owned by Facebook, or else, you can sign up using your Email Address.

Once you login, you are allowed to follow others. By following others, you can access the latest photos that they upload on your Wall Feed, and the same applies to others, who follows you as well.

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Features of Instagram for Android:

Instagram is a very popular photo editing tool as well. The pre-set photo filters allows you to refine your photos or even add a professional or retro look to your photos as well. Once you share your photo in Instagram, you can then also share the same photo from Instagram to other popular social media websites like Facebook and Twitter as well.

The latest update from Instagram lets you take a video up to 15 seconds and then upload it to Instagram as well. Instagram also released the direct messaging feature to message your followers, via an update, a few months ago. You can also add any of the 13 unique filters to your video before uploading them to Instagram, and Instagram has a feature called “Cinema” which adds more stability through software optimizations, to your video, thus reducing jerkiness.

If you are interested in downloading the latest update of Instagram for Android device, then today we are here with a way by which you can easily download Instagram to your Android device without any hassles.

Features of this Update:

Below are some of the main features and improvements that you can experience with this Instagram update for Android:

  • Custom made filters and borders to improve your photo’s looks, that’s absolutely free to use.
  • Bring out the details in your photos with the help of the LUX feature.
  • Linear and Radial blur feature to give a bokeh effect for your photos.
  • Feature to instantly share your photos from Instagram to popular social media’s like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Foursquare.
  • Like and comment on other’s photos and in similar manner, interact with your followers.
  • For users with Android devices running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or above, you can now capture and share your memorable video moments on Instagram. You can also upload videos up to 15 seconds in runtime, from your phone’s gallery storage as well.

instagram apk download android

The disadvantages of Instagram are not much, as its use is much simpler. However, geotagging feature which is ON always might not be a favorable feature for some. Similarly, videos and photos, grouped in the same gallery might not favor everyone’s taste. You can download the Instagram app for Android by clicking here. (Official Google Play Store Link)

So, are you a power user of Instagram? Do share your experiences with Instagram as comments below.