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The Google Play Store, or earlier known as the Android App Store, is the official application market for Android. Android smartphone users can download free apps from the Google Play Store, or even purchase premium applications from the Google Play Store as well.

The app store and the app ecosystem are a very important factor in the success of an operating system today. Smartphones today are capable of performing even PC grade tasks. The hardware of these smartphones, allows them to render high quality graphics, and even perform multi-tasking seamlessly.

And if there is a lack of applications to go with such smartphones, it badly affects the productivity of these smartphones and thus affects the operating system as well. This is something that has led to the decline and outage of operating systems such as Blackberry OS, BB10, Symbian and so on.

Google Play Store Features:

However, when it comes to the Google Play Store, there is no shortage of applications at all. Applications in the Google Play Store span across a large magnitude of genres including games, productivity apps, utility apps, movies, music, devices and so on.

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In fact, latest reports suggest that the Google Play Store now houses more than a million applications, and it is the only operating system along with the Apple App Store to feature more than a million apps.

The vast number of applications available in the Google Play Store, with the fact that most of them are free, has really persuaded a lot of users to switch to the Android platform as well.

And to keep the pace and the momentum going, Google is pushing the limits of the Google Play Store in terms of functionality and performance. Google has kept on modifying the user interface of the Google Play Store in order to increase functionality, and has also brought in a lot of features that really sets the Google Play Store apart from its competitors.

In the past, Google has changed the theme, look, feel, name and even the functioning of the Google Play Store, in order to give a modernized look to the official app store of Android, and also to interest Android smartphone owners to use the Google Play Store to search for, download and enjoy the latest applications from the Google Play Store as well.

However, one of the biggest disadvantages of the Google Play Store is that, similar to the Android operating system, Google does not widely releases its latest version of Google Play Store mainly due to hardware compatibility issues. Which means, Android smartphones which were released one or two years back will probably not receive the latest Google Play Store update, which features a major user interface overhaul, inclusion of a lot of new features and increased performance.

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Download Google Play Store Apk:

However, if you are interested and willing to update the existing Google Play Store of your Android smartphone to the latest one, then you can do so by downloading the Google Play Store apk file.

Download Google Play Store Apk

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