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Bluestack is an application developed to run Android apps and games on Microsoft Windows based computers. Basically it is an Android emulator which gives its users Android environment on their computers. Bluestack was developed back in 2011 with its beta version released in the same year at the conference in San Francisco. In May 25, 2011 a conference was held by Citrix Synergy at San Francisco; the CEO of the company Mark Templeton illustrated the working of the emulator and introduced it to the world. The development of the application was started back in 2009 by Rosen Sharma and his company. You can have this application for your Windows XP SP3 or later versions, with support for Windows 8/8.1 too.


Android Emulation:

There are tons of Android emulators available in the market, although Bluestack is by far the best. There are many reasons behind this huge popularity and user base.

One is its freeware functionality. Initially when it was available in its beta version, the emulator was completely free for any usage, whether for home purpose or for commercial. With its stable release, the developers have decided to put up some conditions that makes it partial free application. You can now pay some bucks to fully subscribe for the emulator and use it without any limitations. However, if you do not want to invest the money, you can opt for sponsored app. In such case, the emulator will ask you to download and install some application in order to bypass the paid subscription.

Secondly, you can run almost all of the Android apps and games using this application. This is quite good for people who have their Android devices running on outdated Android versions such as Gingerbread. Some of the apps/games are no more supported for this version of the OS, so they can use Bluestack to enjoy all of that stuff on their PC’s.

Thirdly, this is the only emulator having acquisition by Google along with 4 other major companies. This further implies that the emulator will regularly receive the updates that the google brings up. More specifically, it will allow its users to have a juice of every version of Android OS on to their computers. Besides this there are many other things that can be accounted for this android emulator.


Bluestack mainly consist of two separate components viz App player and Cloud Sync module. The app player is the same which is responsible to emulate all your Android apps and games. Cloud sync is an additional feature that can be considered as a gift from the developers as the apps will automatically uploaded on the cloud servers. Both of these comes in the same package and are free to use, partially though. Talking about the interface of the application, it is quite different from the default Android interface or touch wiz; it is made more simple and easy to catch. Initially you will get app search, play store and some other system applications pre-installed in the Bluestack. To download more apps you will need to use play store or can also use APK file of the respective application.


So, if you’re eager enough to experience Android environment on your Windows based PC to enjoy all those nitty-gritty Android applications and games, go ahead and hit the download button below to get Bluestacks for your Windows System!