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There are a lot of adventurous games, designed for mobile and personal computer. Presently zombie game has turned up with huge demand. Moreover with the additional effects of 3D features, the players begins to enjoy these games more. Of the different zombie centric games, the game which relates to Dead, is perhaps thought to be the most popular one. But since it had only limited aspects, some players began diverting their interest. However, a new game which has currently attracted a lot of players is Dead Trigger 2. The never ending story along with several features makes the game unique. Besides the already existing items, the game even keeps on modifying it with different new features occasionally.


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A Game To Fight Against Zombies:

Dead Trigger 2 for PC enables the players to play the game on online or offline mode. The game involves the actions of humans against zombies. The player can see a particular King of the Hill mode in which the survivors put up a blockade and try to hold the situation as much as possible.

The rivals in this game enter in two games- one is the standard zombies while the other one is the Special zombies. The former one often tramps along at a very slow speed and hit by their arms; however some can run or hold melee sticks for more damage. The second one- Special zombies show distinct looks along with unique characteristics, and they are more fatal and harder to destroy, but leave blueprints or huge quantities of cash and often health if killed.

Dead Trigger includes a basic though addictive slot machine which helps the users to win awards, such as a jackpot of about 200 gold. It is actually a type of free-movement shooter game; instead of being on-rails, which is typical in case of the mobile zombie shooters. Here, the player has to control the movement of character just as a usual console or FPS. This game includes mainly two different types of control paradigms. By means of default controls, player can just target the zombies. Dead Trigger 2 includes 2 new weapons – one is the Metal Gun while another is the Area 51 Gun, together with new environments, better visuals and so on. The weapons of the game can automatically fire if a zombie is under crosshair. The scheme of advanced controls will perhaps attract the players. To fire any weapon, a button is to be pressed, whereas there are some extra buttons, which help the gamer to aim down sights of the weapons for more precision.


The player will have some limited levels of health, which is revived at the beginning of every operation. The health will get lost if they were punched by zombies or through any other environmental hazards. However, this health can be recovered by having the health power-up or health pills from any Special zombie.

How To Play Dead Trigger 2 On PC-

To get Dead Trigger 2 for PC, the below steps should be followed-

  • Download and install Bluestacks on PC. Without Bluestacks, or any Android emulator one cannot enjoy the game in PC.
  • When the emulator is set up, start browsing the game in Google Play Store.
  • As soon as it is noticed, click on the option for installation.

Once done, all you need to do is to navigate to My Apps section inside Bluestacks and start playing this deadly yet interesting game!