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Boom Beach is a game that has been downloaded for over 10 million times and the game has been created by Supercell, the company responsible for super popular games like Clash of Clans and Hay Day. You can download the updated version of Boom Beach from Google Play Store or just download the latest version of Boom Beach 18.136 APK file from the link below to install it on your device.

The main reason Boom Beach has been so popular is that it requires you to make strategies and use your brain to advance in the levels. Make strategies in order to defeat the invaders that are trying to attack you on your island, save the prisoners and form a whole attack team. So get the Boom Beach 18.136 APK for Android and play this awesome game. If you want to then you can even download Boom Beach for PC and play the game on the big screen of your computer.

Boom Beach 18.136 APK for Android – Features:

The app has been downloaded on millions of devices and there are millions of active players worldwide with whom you can team up to prepare an ultimate team and defeat anyone that comes in your way. There are lot of features of Boom Beach for Android so let’s take a look at some of them.

boom-beach 18.136 apk for android

  • Explore: You get to explore a huge tropical archipelago which is not only full of dangers but is also filled with treasure to help you out in your journey.
  • Attack: You have to attack the evil Blackguard on their own bases on different islands. They have taken these islands and you need to attack them and free these islands.
  • Boss fights: Every game is incomplete with a Boss fight! In Boom Beach, you get to face the Boss enemies and get a change to uncover their evil plans.
  • Powers and Upgrades: There are lots of hidden treasures that you have to discover and uncover the ancient statues and Life Crystals to get the mysterious powers.
  • Free Slaves: Attack every beachhead and free all the enslaved islanders from the evil Blackguard and attack them with your full force.

What’s New in the Update?

  • Team up with players worldwide and chat with them to make strategies and powerful teams to defeat the guards.
  • Make awesome plans and strategies and execute co-op missions to take out the Blackguards.
  • Cool new weather effects and lots of graphical improvements.

Other Game APKs:

boom beach apk download

Download Boom Beach 18.136 APK for Android

You can download and install the game directly on your Android smartphone by just visiting the Play Store but if you are not able to do it then you can download the APK file of Boom Beach 18.136 game from here Download Boom Beach 18.136 APK – (Google Play Store Link)

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