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Email Clients for Android: Smartphones have reduced and simplified the way we check our mails, a lot. Earlier, we would have to sit down in front of a PC or a laptop, then login to our mail accounts, refresh for the latest mails, and then dig through the spam, unwanted and important mails, until we finally found the mail we were looking for. And also, earlier, everyone would have loads of unread mails in their inbox, which either they are lazy enough to read it or to delete it.

However, as the importance and usage of smartphones increased globally, the processes of checking, sending and receiving mails have become a lot easier and consumes very less time. Every popular mail service such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc., has their own standalone apps for all major mobile operating systems out there. And these apps help a lot in staying up to date on your email inbox.

All these popular mail apps are well designed and has a great user interface. However, if you are looking for the best mail clients for your Android or iOS devices, then today we are here to help you out as today, we bring to you the top 5 best email clients for two of the most popular mobile operating systems: Android and iOS, respectively.

1. Gmail:

gmail best email clients android

Gmail is one of the best email solutions out there. Gmail has their own standalone apps for Android, iOS and other mobile operating systems as well and the apps are great, if you are a Gmail user.

The apps regularly checks through your mail inbox for new messages, however, does not irritate you by prompting you to read those recent mails. The app works perfectly on iOS and Android as well.

Download – Google Play Store Link | Download for iPhone

2. Yahoo Mail!:

yahoo mail email clients iphone

A few years back, Yahoo Mail was the best mail client out there. Even though its position as the global leader was recently taken down by Gmail, it is still unarguably one of the best mail clients out there. And Yahoo! too has an official mail app to support their Yahoo Mail! service.

As I said in the case of the Gmail application, the Yahoo Mail application for both Android and iOS are mainly focussed in bringing a clean and neat user interface to Smartphones users and heavily relies on to simplify the process of checking mails regularly.

Download – Google Play Store Link | Download for iPhone

3. Mailbox:

mailbox best email clients

Mailbox is an email client, that first debuted for iOS, and then later due to huge demand and popularity, was ported to the Android operating system as well. Mailbox comes from the developers behind Dropbox, and is regarded as the best email client for iOS.

Download – Google Play Store Link | Download for iPhone

4. Molto:

molto email client download

The Molto email client was earlier named Incredimail. The app got a brand new designed along with some added functionality with the announcement of the iOS 7 operating system. The Molto email client is also available for the Android operating system as well.

Download – Google Play Store Link | Download for iPhone

5. myMail:

mymail email client

myMail is yet another popular email client app that supports both Android and iOS. The myMail email client is also free, as the others in this list and also offers lot of user friendly, privacy and functional options that can transform the way you regularly check your mail inbox.

Download – Google Play Store Link | Download for iPhone

You can easily download these best email clients for Android and iPhone and manage the email conversations on the go. Let us know which one is the best and what you find the most easy to use!