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With the ever increasing trend of clicking a selfie or a picture everywhere one goes, the next most important thing that is necessary is free, easy to use and efficient editing software that gives the perfect blend to your pictures, with a motive of making it a hit among your friends. AutoDesk Pixlr is an application which runs on Android and iOS platforms, which was previously called as Pixlr Express. It is an amazing power photo editing application that helps you to add quick fine-tunes to your picture, crop , rotate, add various layers to change the outlook of the picture and much more, in a completely advertisement free experience.


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Moreover there are around 2 million combinations of various free effects, borders and overlay to further enhance your picture. It’s easy to edit like a professional even if you’re not a pro at it. And to enjoy it, in the best possible way, create a free Pixlr account to automatically get all the premium contents unlocked, which includes Auto Contrast, Double Exposure with various blend modes, etc.

Pixlr At Its Best!

Pixlr has been modified to be sugar-coated with many exciting features, that make it a perfect and one of the best editing apps for Android platform. Its features are as follows:

  • Add in Real Time effects: Preview the various effects and add overlays directly to your camera, with the help of the new Pixlr Live feature.
  • Cropping, rotating and adjusting images while saving and sharing, never got easier than this.
  • With the help of predefined dimensions or new input custom dimensions, faster and flexible resizing of image is possible after editing.
  • Customizing and creating a collage of various images by editing its background, layout or spacing.
  • Another special edit feature is the ‘Auto Fix’ which allows to fix unbalanced colors, and also adjusts lighting conditions.
  • Explore cooler tools which help adjust contrast and brightness of the image, and then add more impacts with Focal blur.
  • Stylize your adjustments such as halftone, pencil and water clock.
  • Features like red-eye correction and teeth whitening can be done with this simple application.
  • The growing catalogues of additional border packs, effects and overlays, can be kept a track of, with the favorite button.
  • Add various overlays to adjust the mood of the picture- cooling it down or adding surreal shades or amplifying the tone.
  • Finish your editing with the right border and pick a style that fits you perfectly with your favorite’s button.
  • And last but not the least, it lets your photos to get connected to social networking sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or email where you can share your pictures.

How To Run It On Windows:

All Android application and games are not usually designed to run on a standard PC or Windows platform. In spite of google developer tools helping in installing them, yet it is difficult to execute them, which brings into light Bluestack, an Android emulating software which simplifies all of your work.


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  • You need to download the latest version of Bluestack premeditated for Windows PC.
  • Then select the language you prefer and set your Google mail ID to get connected to Android’s Play Store account.
  • Search for “Autodesk Pixlr” and click on it after the results are displayed.
  • Download and install it and then launch the application and get on with your editing.

Thus download it now, and edit your pictures to fame.