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Everyone is perhaps aware of the huge popularity of Angry Birds game series. Those who have become deeply interested with these games will possibly be pleased to know that there is another addition in this series- Angry Birds Epic. This Angry Birds epic brings in, a lot of new features for the game lovers.


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The Storyline of Angry Birds Epic:

Angry Birds epic belongs to Rovio that is the major creator of recent Smartphone games. This game has been released with the special Turn Based Playing element, which is totally new in this series. The storyline of the game starts with a player, who is participating as Red and attempting to get back the stolen eggs from the Pigs. With the game going on, new birds belonging to the universe of Angry Birds are included to the roster and these comprise Chuck, Bomb, Matilda and many more. Players will be permitted to select 3 birds from that roster – and at times fewer in a range of encounters against the pigs.

How To Win The Game?

The gameplay is built on Piggy Island, where the characters settle in the present Angry Birds world. Pigs as well as the birds assume a variety of roles in the cutscenes of the game. Every time a player chooses a level, they can choose for a certain number of birds, which depends on that level. After choosing the characters and clicking the play button, the rival pigs come out on the landscape. The battles can be normal, engage multiple waves of rivals, or boss encounters. To hit them, the players must swipe a bird to any pig. To utilize a secondary skill, the player clicks the bird. In case the player swipes from one bird to a different bird, then the secondary ability of that bird would be obtained by another bird. When a character becomes injured, rage chili sign can be seen at the bottom part of the screen. After completing a fight, the player may earn maximum three stars, on the basis of the performance in those fights. More number of stars signifies more resources, which the players get as a prize for winning the fight.


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Golden Lucky Coins of this game are rare and utilized to purchase definite classes, turn Golden Pig Machine, appoint the Mighty Eagle, and purchase permanent upgrades along with important consumables in the encounter. They may be gained by beating Daily Golden Pig or with in-app purchases.

Installation of Angry Bird Epic on Computer:

As the PC users also want to enjoy the game, here are four steps explained to get Angry Birds Epic for PC.

  • Click on this particular link for downloading Bluestacks on the PC.
  • Install this software as soon as the download becomes successful.
  • Then, open up this software and seek out Angry Birds Epic for PC using in-built search option.
  • Click on the button for installation so that the game can be played at anytime with the aid of Bluestacks.

These above steps are easy enough for any computer user even if they falls in beginner category.